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Two Poems by Anna C. Taylor:



© 2018 by Anna C. Taylor


Three black flowers bloom,

standing bold in a gray world:

with delicate petals,

and strength in their stem,

that absorbs only the golden nutrients

of the earth’s soil

for photosynthesis to bring:

deep, beautiful blossoms.

Life flows calmly as a stream,

smiles lift you light as air,

love is bestowed upon those

blessed within reach,

like pollen in the spring:

it sticks.





© 2018 by Anna C. Taylor

She is your child:

birthed from your womb,

made with your blood.

Drink from my breast,

and be attached to

something—lesser than.


I have love for her,

a motherly bond

not easily erasable, but

this is my job.

I clock in 6am to 8pm and

coddle my employer,

wipe her tears and her bottom,

raise her as best I can, but

she will one day grow up

to see me as you do.


She is your child, but

in my arms

she is held

by my black skin.

[© 2018 by Anna C. Taylor. All Rights Reserved.]

Autumn 2018 Group Reading 


Free Your (Funky) Mind! Autumn 2018


Modernist Africana Poetry of the Americas (MAPA)










Anna C. Taylor

Concentration: English


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