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Introduction: Mapping a Starry Poetics: The Achievement of Brenda Marie Osbey

John Wharton Lowe


Chapter 1. The Origins of Osbey’s Poetics: The Achievement of Ceremony for Minneconjoux

and In These Houses

John Wharton Lowe


Chapter 2. “And I can see to it you stay dead / on a daily basis”: Brenda Marie Osbey’s Culturally Based Poetics (A poet’s perspective)

Doris Davenport


Chapter 3. Desperate Measures

Aldon Lynn Nielsen


Chapter 4. Wild and Holy Women in the Poetry of Brenda Marie Osbey

Andrea Benton Rushing


Chapter 5. Saints of a Darker Hue in Brenda Marie Osbey’s All Saints

Reggie Scott Young


Chapter 6. Haunted Memories: Disruptive Ghosts in the Poems of Brenda Marie Osbey

Tracy Watts


Chapter 7. Imagining History: Brenda Marie Osbey and the Poetics of Imagination

Thadious Davis


Chapter 8. Crossing the Gulf: Ecopoetic Revisions of the Coast in Brenda Marie Osbey, Natasha Trethewey, and Yusef Komunyakaa

Daniel Cross Turner


Chapter 9. Feeding the Gulf Dead: An Ofrenda of Response to Brenda Marie Osbey’s All Saints & All Souls

Dolores Flores-Silva and Keith Cartwright


Chapter 10. The Roots and Routes of Brenda Marie Osbey’s Black Internationalism

Malin Pereira


Chapter 11. Introduction to 1967: On the Semicenternary of the Desegregation of the College of William & Mary

Hermine Pinson



Appendix: Chronology of the Life and Career of Brenda Marie Osbey

About the Editor

About the Contributors

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John Wharton Lowe is author/editor of such works as Calypso Magnolia: the Crossccurrents of Caribbean and Southern Literature (University of North Carolina Press, 2016), Conversations with Ernest Gaines (University Press of Mississippi) and The Future of Southern Letters (Oxford).

He has published widely on African American, Native American, Italian American, and transnational and circumCaribbean literatures, and is the recipient of the MELUS Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Contributions to Ethnic Literary Studies. He has served as president of the Society for the Study of Southern Literature (SSSL), the Southern American Studies Association, and others.

Lowe was previously Robert Penn Warren Professor of English and Comparative Literature & founding director of the Program in Louisiana & Caribbean Studies at Louisiana State University; Visiting Guest Lecturer for the Facultät für Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft at the Universität Bielefeld; and has also taught at the University of Munich, Saint Mary's, Harvard, and Columbia universities.

Summoning Our Saints: the Poetry and Prose of Brenda Marie Osbey

by John Wharton Lowe

Barbara Methvin Distinguished Professor of Southern Literature

University of Georgia, Athens

with contributions by Thadious Davis, Keith Cartwright, Aldon Lynn Nielsen

Cover Art by Willie Birch

Lexington Books | Rowman & Littlefield  September 2019.

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