Gabriel Okara: Collected Poems,

Edited and with an Introduction

by Brenda Marie Osbey

African Poetry Book Series, 2016.

Fallen at Charleston
Edited and Introduced by Brenda Marie Osbey

Illuminations, an International Magazine of Contemporary Writing

October 2016


featuring: Martín Espada

  Terrance Hayes

  Shauna Morgan Kirlew

  Safiya Sinclair

  Frank X Walker

  Afaa Michael Weaver

  and more.




Duriel E. Harris   

Major Jackson

Afaa Michael Weaver

Frank X Walker

and E. Ethelbert Miller.

Poets Introducing Poets: Brenda Marie Osbey Introduces

a Portfolio of poems by M’Bilia Meekers.

Poet Lore, Fall/Winter 2011.

Editorial Board, Engaged Writers Series/University of New Orleans Press,  2009 – 2011.

Guest Editor, Indiana Review, volume 14, number 3, Fall 1991

Poetry feature, including:

Martín Espada         Marilyn Nelson         Kathy Elaine Anderson

Cyrus Cassells         Cheryl Savageau       Myra Hambrick

Vanessa Ryder          Judith Ortiz Cofer       J. B. Borders IV.

warscapes quilt_edited.jpg

Absent Trees and Rope:

Poets Respond to Violence against African Americans.


edited and introduced by Brenda Marie Osbey

War|Scapes, September 2015


featuring work by: