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Prof. Brenda Marie Osbey

1967 Research-Arts Seminar


is a Humanities/Africana Studies/Research/Arts seminar

that takes as its point of origin the narrative historical poem 


On the Semi-Centenary of the Desegregation of the College of William & Mary

(2018, 2019)

by Brenda Marie Osbey.

Placing special emphasis on the historical and cultural background research

and re/source materials comprising the supporting Glossary and Notes,

1967 examines the crucial role of African American resistance, arts, and activism

 in changing the political and cultural landscape of the United States in that pivotal year.

Employing available print, audiovisual, and archival resources, seminar members undertake guided research leading to a combined paper-project proposal. Alongside the final paper, seminar members produce original works in their chosen media – literary, performance (including interactive/online), plastic arts, media arts, etc, and may include individual and collaborative projects. The seminar ends with submission of the final paper, and presentations of work to the department, university and local communities for critique and discussion of the research-creative process and execution.


The course website includes Syllabus, Course Outline, links to Required Reading/Listening/Viewing, Paper-Project Guidelines, & more.


Brenda Marie Osbey is an author, editor, translator, and professor of literature and Africana Studies.

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Signature courses include:

Free Your Funky Mind!

BAM! Black Arts Movement

African Poetry since WWII

Black New Orleans Archival Research Seminar (Black NOLA)

History, Archives, & Narrative Poetry

Modernist Africana Poetry of the Americas (MAPA)



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