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Summoning Saints.jpg
Herman Beavers

Cover Art: Mourning 1998 by Willie Birch.

Acrylic and Charcoal on paper. 89 3/4"X 36"

Collection of the Artist.

Summoning Our Saints: the Poetry and Prose

of Brenda Marie Osbey

by John Wharton Lowe

Barbara Methvin Distinguished Professor of Southern Literature

University of Georgia, Athens

"....a long-needed and appreciative critical focus to a great artist, elucidating her contributions to our common cultural heritage.

The book examines Osbey’s meditations on topics such as colonization, the African diaspora, the circumCaribbean, and contemporary parallels between Europe and the United States to showcase the ways in which they add valuable new insights to transnational studies."

Lexington Books | Rowman & Littlefield  September 2019.

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