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The Suite



"Horrid Massacre in Virginia." Woodcut. New York, 1831.


Samuel Warner's Authentic and impartial narrative of the tragical scene which was witnessed in Southampton County (Virginia) on Monday the 22nd of August Last.


Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

“Virginia Suite”


A narrative historical poem sequence treating interactions of Native Americans, Africans and Europeans in the earliest years of the Virginia Colony,  "Virginia Suite" examines the place of Virginia in the exploration, settlement and shaping of the Americas.

Using archival documents, maps and a variety of graphic materials, research for this body of poems considers the import and impact of slavery, resistance and freedom; local and national identity; natural and built environments; and reflects on Virginia's role in the shaping of North American and New World history, mythology, education, religion, law and cultural identity.

"Virginia Suite" is a research and writing project supported by Virginia Humanities.

Brenda Marie Osbey is the


Emilia Galli Struppa Fellow of Virginia Humanities.

A changing sampler of works from the project

alongside related research-based work:



"Free Negress, Late, Of These Parts"    










"Archives, Poetry, & Perspectives on American History"

a Conversation about Researching "Virginia Suite"







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Thomas R. Gray's purported Confessions of Nat Turner,

The Leader of the Late Insurrection in Southampton, VA,

As fully and Voluntarily Made to Thomas R. Gray.

Baltimore, 1831.

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